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Designer: Master Chen

  • Red and green nylon stocking.
  • #24 red wire (or other color).
  • #24 green wire.
  • #3 stem wire.
  • Nylon thread (white or other color.)
  • Rose bud shaped Styrofoam or using tissue papers
  • Dark green floral tape.
  • Plastic rose leaves. [optional]
  • pliers, scissors, ring set, nylon thread, pen, clear nail polish.

1.Use #24 red wire to make the petal frame. Make five loops using #6 size ring, four loops with #6 size ring with pen, and five loops with #7 size ring. Leave an 1/2–inch handle on the loops.
( for the basic instructions please go to Instructions)

2. Squeeze the bottom of each loop to form a tear shape.

3. First wrap rose color nylon around each loop. Cut off excess wire.

4. Put on a 2nd layer of red nylon[optional]

5. Completed petals. (Five #6, Four #6+pen, Five #7)

6. Use the upside down method to attach the petals. There are four layers of petals. First attach #7 size petals(five), then #6 size + pen (three), then #6 size (three).

7. The final layer consists of two #6 size petals and one #6 + pen size petal.

8. Cut off any wires sticking out.

9. The flower should be cone shaped.

10. Take Styrofoam rose buds or buds may be built up with cotton balls or tissue paper. Use the tip of the pliers to enlarge the hole at the base.[optional] Make rose bud with tissue papers

11. Insert the tip of the flower into the enlarged hole.

12. Wrap a layer of red nylon around the bud.

13. Cut off excess nylon.

14. Flip up the inner most three petals.

15. Wrap one of the three petals tightly around the bud so it hugs the bud.

16. Wrap the other two petals around the bud.

17. Top view.

18. Flip up the next three petals.

19. Hug the three petals around the bud.

20. Continue to flip up the red of the petals.

21. Completed rose.

22. To make the sepals use #24 green wire to make five loops with #4 size ring.

23. Stretch the loop to long, thin oval. Wrap a layer of green nylon. Apply a small amount of clear nail polish to the tip.

24. Five completed sepals.

25. Use nylon thread to attach the sepals underneath the rose. Wrap green floral tape to cover up the nylon thread.

26. Each rose branch needs two sets of leaves. Each set consists of one loop using #5 size ring (2 ¾-inch handle) and two loops using #4 size ring (1¾-inch long handle).

27. Crimp waves into the loops, then wrap two layer of green nylon around them. Attach the leaves as shown.

28. Attach the two sets of leaves to the stem of the rose with thread, wrap green floral tape to cover the thread.

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