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Looking for wedding, shower, or party favors?
Our new e-book shows you how to make a flower pen that is both useful and decorative.
Make them for your guests or throw a crafting party to involve your friends!
(Designer: Master Chen)

  • A purple-white nylon stocking nylon stocking
  • 3 pieces #20 wire
  • Flower stamens
  • Nylon thread (white or other color.)
  • A pen or pencil
  • Ribbons
  • Double sided paper tape
  • #5 size ring set
  • pliers, scissors
Create six petals using a #5 ring, leaving a 1/2" (1 cm) tail. Pinch a wave into ends of petals.

please go to E-book for basic nylon flower making techniques.

1. Cover pen completely with double-side tape; remove paper to expose tape.

2. Completed pen.

3. Begin covering pen with ribbon, starting at bottom end of pen.

4. Spiral the ribbon smoothly up to top. fasten end at top with glue.

5. Covered pen.

6. Tie stamen with one petal, do not cut thread. three petals make one layer of flower.

7. Rotate and add second petal.

8. Add third petal.

9. Continue adding petals, tie securely.

10. Completed flower assembly.

11. Spread ends of petals so they fit over the end of the pen.

12. Tie tightly with thread to bind flower petals to top of pen.

13. Wrap base of flower with ribbon to cover thread.

14. Tie off ribbon in a bow, then spread flower petals out to finish.

15. Completed pen!

16. Experiment with different stamens and nylon colors for your pen bouquet.

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