Nylon Flower Craft Tutorials

Tutorials / Butterfly
Designer: Master Chen

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25. Ensure the entire stem wire is covered.

26. Tie the bundle with nylon thread; this is the body of the butterfly.

27. Double wrap the body with nylon.

28. Cut off excess nylon.

29. Tie off nylon and create body sections using transparent thread.

30. Wrap the center of the butterfly with nylon.

31. Knot to tie off. Tuck ends of nylon under the knot.

32. Re-arrange wings and center as needed.

33. Use black thread to sew black seed beads to the body for eyes.

34. Sew on second eye.

35. Ensure to hide thread knots to the back side of the body.

36. Use hot glue gun to attach the body to the wings to complete the butterfly.

Extra Ideas:
-Use extra wire to make antennas for the butterfly.
-Butterfly can be attached to walls using double sided tape.
-Turn the butterfly into wearable art by gluing a pin to the underside of the body.
-Decorate the wings with sequins or colorful beads to make them glitter.

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