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Designer: Master Chen

The instructions show the making of a butterfly, it's over 4 inches across. By adjusting the size of the loops (wings), any size butterfly can be made following these instructions.

  • 1 nylon stocking.
  • 2 pieces of #24 gauges wires.
  • Floral tape.
  • Paper tissues.
  • 2 black seed beads.
  • Nylon thread.
  • Black sewing thread.
  • pliers, scissors, ring set, glue gun.

1.Wrap wire around #5 size ring (1-1/2 inch diameter).Twist wires where they meet.

2. Tighten with pliers.Do not cut wire. Remove ring from wire loop.

3. Use the excess wire to form a second loop 0.5 inch away from first loop.

4. Twist wire and tighten the second loop with pliers.

5. Cut excess wire so you have shape as shown.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 to make another pair of loops using #4 size ring (1-1/8 inch diameter).

7.Form the two sets of loops into wing shape, as shown. The larger loops are used for upper wings. Steps 8-13 illustrate how to shape the wings.

8. Stretch the large loops into oval shape.

9. Crimp small waves into the loops.

10. Crimp small waves into the loops.

11. Stretch smaller loops into ovals.

12. Form loops into tear shape.

13. Crimp small waves into the loops.

14. Wrap one wing with nylon.

15. Secure nylon onto wire with nylon thread.

16. Cut excess nylon.

17. Repeat steps 14-16 for other wing.

18. Repeat steps 14-17 to complete second set of wings.

19. Tie the two sets of wings together with nylon thread.

20. Adjust the two sets of wings so they overlap as shown.

21. CUse a 4–inch x 8-inch piece of white tissue paper to make butterfly body.

22. Fold the tissue length-wise into thirds; folded tissue should be 1-1/3 inches wide.

23. Cut a piece of #3 stem wire into 1-3/8 inches long section.

24. Wrap the stem wire with folded tissue.

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