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The Art of Handmade Flowers

Step-By-Step Instructions for Over 70 Beautiful Nylon Creations

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A Complete Guide to Nylon Flower Making
Basic and Advanced Techniques
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Book Review

- By Donna McCrohan Rosenthal

People may go out of their way to know you better if you can learn to whip up flowers like these. It seems inconceivable that even a gifted artists could cut nylon and twist wire to look as convincing and as exquisite as the many examples presented in “The Art of Handmade Flowers: Step-by-Step Instructions for Over 70 Beautiful Nylon Creations” (by Jue Liu, 2009) and “A Complete Guide to Nylon Flower Making: Basic and Advanced Techniques” (by Hai Yan Chen, 2010).

Yet the hundreds of full-color photos can guide the beginner as well as the skilled craftsperson to achieve remarkable results.

“The Art of Handmade Flowers” explains where to find what you need to get started, tools (essentially ring forms, pliers, scissors and nylon thread), material (nylon, wires and floral tape), assembly, special techniques and final touches for fashioning a veritable garden of loveliness: tulips, poppies, lilies, birds of paradise, poinsettias and 65 other stunning specimens. The book asks and answers the key question of “How do I make flowers as realistic as possible?”

“A Complete Guide to Nylon Flower Making” continues the instruction with detailed photos of each step of the process for each bloom and blossom, and “each step” means just that. Nothing appears monumentally challenging. Nonetheless, you see the more difficult aspects of instruction side by side with the easy ones, right down to “trim off excess nylon around the tape,” “wait a few minutes for the glue to dry” and “peel off paper from the tape,” illustrated.
“A Complete Guide” offers 19 flowers, among them orchids, hibiscus, cherry blossoms, magnolias, morning glories, roses, peonies and chrysanthemums, plus a dragonfly and a butterfly.

Jue Liu and Hai Yan Chen’s galleries range from simple projects to elegant and spectacular marvels to proudly give, receive and display. Liu, author of “The Art of Handmade Flowers,” has cultivated and arranged flowers for 30 years. She began experimenting with reproducing them in nylon five years ago. Chen, a recognized master of flower-making art, wrote “A Complete Guide” to share the methods that have won her an ardent following. You could spend a happy hour or two merely leafing through their books in awe. Or you could roll up your sleeves, apply a little dedicated patience and discover a rewarding new hobby.