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(with paint brush)
Instruction: Debbie Romero

About Debbie Romero
Hello, I started making nylon flowers this last Nov. of 2010. I first found out New Sheer Creations nylon flower craft, and I was so hooked.

I soon made my first order from New Sheer Creations, I was so excited waiting for the mailman to bring my first package, it was so nerve racking, and it still is. I live in So. California but came from from Denver, CO. I have been married for 21 great years, with four children.

I grew up doing crafts with my mother, including crochet, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, drawing, and ceramics. I have homeschooled my two youngest children, we have only four months left and then I will have tons of time to make nylon flowers.

Here I explain how to "chalk" lilies -- it is very easy and I think they look beautiful. If you have any questions email me at Heart2g@hotmail.com. Or if you'd like to see more of my treasures, go to "Debbie's Tresors" on Facebook.

  • Nylon: Ecru
  • Wires: #22 silver and white
  • Nylon thread dark green
  • Floral Tape: Dark Green & Pink
  • Pastel Paint sticks see below for more details.

  • TOOLS:
  • Pliers, scissors, #7 Ring (2.5 in.)

1. From # 22 silver wire, create 6 petal loops, using #7 ring, leaving " tail.

2. First shape into a pointed oval.

3. Make the sides wavy: alternately, bend the petal toward the middle with your fingernail, then bend out, moving up the petal to the peak.

4. Cut 6 pieces of wire about 4 inchs long, make a very small hook at one end of the wire.

5. Crimp the hook to the tip of the petal, then wrap the other end around the handle of the petal.

6. Cover with layer of nylon, then tie off with thread.

7. The paints are non-smear pastels. This brand is "Print'n Tint", which are made for cloth, paper, wood, and more. They come with a stiff brush and eraser but the eraser is only good for paper.
Another good brand is Alphacolor Square Pastels, which are less expensive, but do not come with a brush. Any good pastels suitable for cloth will work, just be sure to find a brush with short stiff bristles for drybrushing.

8. Place the petal on something so as not to get chalk on work area. A handy object is a nylon bag, which catches the fallen chalk on the bottom to use again.
Pick up some yellow color from a pastel with the brush. Apply the color in a triangle shape, wider near the base.
Carefully dab the color rather than brushing, as brushing can sometimes snag the nylon.

9. Dab bright green in an smaller trangle than the first yellow trangle, close to the base.

10. Start dabbing pink around the yellow but don't apply pink all the way down, keep it away from the lower green, working your way around the yellow.
To mimic the coloring of a real lily, here you can brush the color out lengthwise, after first dabbing the color a few times. It will not snag if you're careful...

11. The completed coloring.

12. With a pink or red fine point marker make the dots on the pedals, circling the yellow staying on the pink area.

13. Six completed petals. Also shown here are the stamens.

14. Stamens: Cut seven 3-inch white #22 wires. For six of them, bend ends in a flat T-shape. On the 7th make a triangular shape as this will be the middle stamen.
Next cover the stamens: take about 12 inches of pink floral tape cut in half lengthways. Wrap tape tightly around tip of T-shaped and triangular stamens.
Arrange the completed stamens around the stem wire, wrap and tie twice with green nylon thread.
With the pastels, chalk the stamens using bright green on the lower half of the wire, and bright yellow on the top half of the white wire.

15. Arrange three of the petals for the around stem for the first layer. Tie in place with thread, but don't cut thread yet.

16. Place the second layer of petals over the first layer, staggering them in between the first layer of petals.
Wrap with nylon thread and then floral tape.

17. I just love this part, it is like opening a beautiful flower or a gift. Here you bend the petals out in an arch. Spread your stamens with a small arch in the middle. The tips of your petals can flip downwards, or bend a bit to the side. Enjoy!!....

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