Nylon Flower Craft Tutorials

Tutorials / LED lights

Instruction: by Annamarie Moran (see her bio)

  • Nylons: red, green (you can also use the glitter nylon)
  • Wires: 24 gauge gold wire
  • Nylon thread – white or green
  • Floral Tape: Green
  • Lights: One single LED light or one string set of LED lights.

  • TOOLS:
  • Ring set: sizes are #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5
  • Pliers, scissors, A pen, Glue (like Elmer’s glue) (optional)
  • Batteries for the LED lights, Nail Polish (optional)
(*** Also see "How to Make Poinsettias by New Sheer Creations")

Use 24 gauge wire, (or color you prefer) to make loops. You will need 15 loops total:
  • #1 ring – make 1 (cover with red nylon)
  • #2 ring – make 2 (cover 1 with green nylon and 1 with red nylon)
  • #3 ring – make 2 (cover 1 with green nylon and 1 with red nylon)
  • #4 ring – make 2 (cover 1 with green nylon and 1 with red nylon)
  • #5 ring – make 3 (cover all with red nylon)
  • #5 ring + a pen – make 5 (cover all with red nylon)

Form loops in shapes that resemble leaves, wrap nylon around the loops. Loops that use green nylon are 1-#2 ring, 1-#3 ring, and 1-#4 ring. The rest use red nylon. Secure the nylon to the handle of each loop using nylon thread and cover the nylon thread with floral tape. Use Elmer’s glue if the floral tape doesn’t stick as some of the tape I have used didn’t stick, the glue works wonders.

Cyathium/Stamen and stems are not used in this pattern you will be using the LED lights in place of that. Use the nail polish for the tips of the loops so they don’t poke through the nylons (optional).

LED Battery Operated Micro Lights.

Attach the Loops to the LED Lights

The loops are arranged in 4 layers. Layers are as followed:
  • Layer 1 (3 loops): (1)-#1 loop, (1)-#2 loop, and (1)-#3 loop (red nylon).
  • Layer 2 (3 loops): (1)-#2 loop, (1)-#3 loop, and (1)-#4 loop (these are the green loops).
  • Layer 3 (4 loops): (1)-#4 loop and (3)-#5 loop (red nylon).
  • Layer 4 (5 loops): (5)-#5 + pen loop (red nylon).

Wrap with floral tape to cover the nylon thread. Continue attaching layers 2, 3 and 4 loops using nylon thread, and covering each layer with floral tape, keeping each layer close to each other.

When last layer is attached, finish with another layer of tape to cover all ends even if you have to tape some of the wire of the LED lights.

After all loops have been attached, adjust the loops into poinsettia shape. Use glue if floral tape doesn’t stick, it dries clear.

Add batteries, and turn on. If using a string of LED lights you may want to put a poinsettia on every other light, and then you can put them on a center piece, or display them any way you like. Enjoy!

About Annamarie Moran

Originally from Michigan, my husband and our four kid now live in Florida. I have done many crafts throughout my life including sewing, crochet, and quilting, and also some photography for friends and family.

Two years ago I seen some nylon flowers at a restaurant and soon found New Sheer Creations. Starting with the book "Art of Handmade Flowers" and some supplies, and have been busy ever since. I've sold several bouquets for Mothers Day and Graduations, and make flowers to order.

I got the idea for doing "Lights in Poinsettias" for a Christmas parade we will be in. Figuring out how to attach them to the lights was something I had to think about for awhile and it worked out very well.... Some of other my creations can be viewed on facebook at: Flowers 'N' More By Marie


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