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Ladybugs are supposed to bring you good luck
Designer: Master Chen

  • Red and Black nylons
  • #20 gold wire (or other color)
  • #22 black beading wire (can also use black gloss enamel paint for painting the legs black).
  • Polyester fiber fill (available at fabric stores). Cotton balls don't work as well.
  • Black beads for eyes and body
  • Nylon thread (white or other color)
pliers, scissors, sewing needle & black thread, black gloss enamel, hot glue gun.

1. Create main loop for body, using #5 ring ( ~1.5 "). Can use other sizes depending on desired finished size.

2. Keep both ends long (about 2", 5 cm) when twisting, don't make one end short as with flowers. The wire ends will become the ladybug antennae.

3. Make 3-4 twists in wire, then crimp the twist; trim the ends to 2" long (5 cm).

4. Add a ball of polester fiber to the loop. Make it a big larger than the loop, as the nylon fabric will compress it a lot.

5. Wrap a layer of black nylon around the ball, gathering at the base of the loop. Tie off with nylon thread. Do not cut the thread or trim the nylon yet.

6. Add a small ball of polyester for the head. Add to top of wires, wrap with nylon, pinching the fabric together on the bottom side. Now tie off with nylon thread.

7. After tying off, trim the excess nylon and the thread.

8. Wrap the finished head & body with another layer of black nylon. Stretch evenly and gather in middle of bottom.

9. Wrap with thread to separate body from head, then tie off the nylon at the bottom.

10. Trim nylon and thread close.

11. Finished ladybug body.

12. Next wrap body with red nylon: first fold nylon double, then align folded edge of nylon toward the head. When folding the nylon, it is easier to cut the nylon stocking open first.

13. Stretch the nylon evenly, gathering near middle of bottom. Tie off with thread.

14. Trim nylon and thread close.

15. Create the black line separating the wings: using needle with black thread, start thread from the bottom, going through the knot on the red nylon. This will help hold the red nylon in position on the body.

16. Push thread up to middle of red nylon, then pull down to back end. Push thread through body and tie off.

17. Appearance of completed line.

18. Adding beads to create dots on wings. Start thread on bottom, loop through a bead, and push back through body.
Optionally, use a pen to draw on dots. Test first on a spare piece of nylon to make sure the ink doesn't bleed on nylon

20. Add 3-4 beads on each side. Also now add two beads on the head for eyes.

21. Cut three pieces of wire for the legs: 1. At least 5 inch (12-13cm), 3 inch (7-8cm), and 2.5 inch (6.3-6.5cm). Bend in half, then paint with black paint.

22. Attach legs to body using hot glue shortest wire facing to the head, then medium wire facing forward, then the longest wire facing to the back.

23. Bend leg wires as shown and trim the legs to your desired length, then ladybug is complete!

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