Nylon Flower Craft Tutorials

Tutorials / Daisy
Instruction: H.Y Chen

Large Daisies – Striking in an arrangement, or for wall décor of parties, weddings, nursery rooms. These are about 13” in diameter, and simple to make. These look great with a darker color for the inner petals, but experiment to suit your taste.

  • Nylon: Usually about one nylon to cover inner petals, and two nylons for outer petals, plus a small piece for center stamen.
  • Wires: #20 white – Nine 31” pieces total.
  • Nylon thread: – any color, as thread will be hidden.
  • Floral Tape: – dark green or light green Cotton pads or other fabric to build stamen.
  • #3 Stem Wire [optional, if flower will be used in arrangement].

  • TOOLS:
  • Pliers, Scissors, Ring set

1. Make five inner petals from #20 wire, using a #8 ring with a #4 ring.

2. Overlap about ˝" of end over lead wire. Twist wire tightly at base, leaving lead wire.

3. Finished wrap.


5. With fingers, make a shallow heart-shape bend at tip of petal.

6. Completed large petal.

7. Wrap petal with fabric.

8. Tie off with thread, then

9. ... trim excess nylon and thread.

10. Five completed petals. Trim the tail ends about 3" long.

11. Build outer petals, overlapping end of wire about 1". You can use three rings stacked together: #8, #7, and #6. Or you can measure along the wire, the loop itself should be about 18”, plus the overlapped ends.

12. Start off the twist by hand.

13. Tighten the twist with pliers.

14. Stretch the loop into shape, similar to inner petals.

15. Bend a heart-shape indent at end.

16. Finished loop. You can smooth out any kinks in the loop by hand, or by pulling over a large ring.

17. Cover like the other petals. Trim the ends to about 1".

18. Begin building large circular stamen: Bend 6" end of wire back onto itself., making a tight bend. Then make a 1" long twist at the bend, using pliers to hold the end.

19. Wrap wire leads around a #4 Ring, start a twist by hand.

20. Tighten the wrap with pliers to make another 1" long twist.

21. Bend the twists downward, remove the ring.

22. Overlap the twists.

23. Twist the two ends, using care to keep the loop circular.

24. Align the longer lead so it remains close to the middle. Trim the wire lead to 4 or 5".

25. Add padding to stamen: Use cotton gauze pad, or a double layer of another fabric. Make into a square slightly larger than circle. Lighter colors work best, so they don’t show through the nylon covering later.

26. Wrap fabric over top of loop, wrapping underneath, trimming as needed. Fasten underneath with tape.

28. Wrap smoothly with nylon, gathering close underneath.

29. Tie off with thread.

30. Trim excess nylon close to the stamen.

31. Add another layer of nylon.

32. Wrap with thread, trim excess nylon.

33. Begin adding inner petals to the stamen. Bend the tail of the petal to align with tail of stamen.

34. Wrap with thread very tightly.

35. Petals arranged uniformly around stamen.

36. Alternate petals so they sit closely together. Don't cut the thread.

37. Continue with adding the outer petals. Keep the tails of the petals parallel, wrap thread tightly, including down the stem. If adding longer stem wire, tie #3 stem tightly before wrapping with floral tape.

38. Wrap base of flower with floral tape. Build up several layers directly under flower.

39. Continue wrapping, making a uniform taper down the stem.

40. Bend the petals to align inner and outer petals; add some upward bend to some of the petals to add depth to flower.

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