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How to Make a Chia Pet with Nylon Stocking

Chia pets have been around since the mid-1970s, bringing an easy way to grow a miniature garden in your home, while providing entertainment for years. While Chia Pets come in a variety of animals, you don't have to be restricted to what is sold in the store. It is simple and fun to make your own unique chia pet with just a few items.
  • 1. Buy chia seed, or wheat grass seeds. The "fur" on an original Chia pet is made from sprouting the chia seed, which is full of soluble fiber and used as a supplement in some people's diets. Wheatgrass, which is also known for its health properties, is a great alternative for your chia animal.

  • 2. Purchase or use left over nylon stockings for this project. Choose whatever color you prefer.

  • 3. Get the stocking wet. The moisture will help your seeds to stick to the inside surface of the stocking. Sprinkle your seeds into the end of the wet stocking, rolling them around to cover where you want "fur" to grow. Fill the end of the stocking with approximately 1 cup of gardening soil. Fill it loosely, to allow you to shape your animal.

  • 4. Twist off and tie small sections of soil and seeds using rubber bands or string. Form legs, a head, body sections and whatever else you need for your pet.

  • 5. Glue on googley eyes, or other accessories for your animal with a hot glue gun. Use a permanent marker where desired to draw features.

  • 6. Find a spot for your homemade chia pet. If your finished project is more round, such as just the head of an animal, you can place it in a small clay pot. A small saucer or shallow bowl will work for most everything else.

  • 7. Keep your pet watered and watch it grow and take shape.
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