Nylon Flower Craft Tutorials

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"A Complete Guide to Nylon Flower Making"

- Basic and Advanced Techniques (PDF eBook)
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ISBN: 9780982410929

Cost: $14.95

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About this Book:

Everything you need to know to create gorgeous flowers and accessories! Nylon flower craft is simple to learn, yet very versatile. Each design is described in detail, with hundreds of photos to clarify the process.
This book introduces the beginner to all the tools and materials required, and also challenges more advanced crafters with exciting new techniques and designs.

Customer Reviews from Amazon (View on Amazon)

"Just beginning to make nylon flowers and I love it. This book gives you instruction on just how to make these flowers, what tools and materials you need and a good number of designs to try. I definitely think this is a "plus" book for anyone starting this as a hobby."
(By "the old lady fairy child")

"I have not used this book yet, it was purchased because I was reminded of the nylon flowers I made as a small child. It I could make these flowers at age 10 any adult should be able to make them using these instructions."
(By "moonlightflower")

"This book makes flower making easy for even the simplest minded. It has wonderful color illustrations and detailed step by step instructions. Only a couple of times near the end of the book did I find missing steps, but by then, if you read the rest of the book, those steps would have already been imbedded in your head as something you would automatically do."
(By "rtf")

"A very amazing book it is worth every penny the intructions are made so easy and are so clear!i would surely recommend this book for the nylon flower making to anyone who wants a great book!"
(By Rumanah Al Shammary)

"love it ! I hope you have more books like this one but with another flowers thank you!"
(By Claudia L.)

"I love my books thank you so much!"
(By Martha Garcia)

"I like it very much."
(By Ana Lopez)

"It is so simple to understand and most useful book.If am happy about the way he describes the method of making the flower."
(By Padma Pathak)

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